My name is George Dobrescu and I am the Director of the Seventh Heart Studios game studio. I work as one of the main programmers for the company, and I am the writer for Quantum Magica and Falsetto Memories projects. I spend eight hours a day working on a computer, writing and sometimes drawing. I also take care of administrative work which means that I require a portable setup sometimes.

My listening volume ranges from "please stop that, it's far too loud" to "I can't even tell that you're listening to music". 

My collection includes everything from Classical to Metal, from Rap to Pop, from Punk to Cabaret and absolutely everything in between. There are great artists from every type of music, and I'm one to collect their albums, and keep a tidy order for my files.

I tend to favor a clear, clean, detailed, dynamic and energetic sound, but I can enjoy a romantic and sweet sound as well.

At Seventh Heart Studios, we all love music and this has had an impact on our games as we hold the music close to our hearts and we are committed to only use ogg -q10 as the encoding format for our music since it offers the best disk space to sound quality ratio, OGG -q10 being closest to audibly transparent when compared to FLAC encoding. 

You can check out more about our games on our pages https://www.facebook.com/seventh.heart.studios/     and https://twitter.com/7heartstudios 

Personal philosophy: Music is more than a hobby or the raw sound. Music is inspiration. Music is life. Music has meaning by itself, being the one thing that can define one's life while shaping one's imagination and creativity. Music can open doors to new plains and music can change one's mood. Music can rest the mind better than days of sleep, and can give one energy, better than a thousand cups of coffee. Music can be anything we want it to be and the music we experience using professional audition tools is more but at the same time it is nothing more than our way of enhancing the emotion we get from music.

I believe that music doesn't replace humain emotion or contact and it shouldn't replace your interaction with others, being an enhancer more than anything - try to listen to and enjoy music while being with your loved ones - music can only be truly tasted with people who can also enjoy it. 

All opinions expressed on Audiophile Heaven are as subjective as possible, all devices have been tested for enough time to remove the "first impression bias" along with other bias, and we strive to offer the reader an in-depth view over every product tested. 

You can always contact Audiophile-Heaven at lupudebalta@gmail.com , if you need advice, or if you're looking for help with something!