What to look into

Hey there!

There are a few things you should consider when looking into high-end audio, and we'd like to mention a few of them. Sooner or later most of those aspects of a device will come into your sight, and we'd like to stress that each of those aspects are important in the long run, but some might be of more relevance for you than others, for example some users might prefer having an IEM that isolates very well from the outside noise, while other users might prefer a more open experience, but will place comfort on the first place. 

  • Sound quality. This is the most important aspect when looking into enthusiast-level devices, regardless whether we're talking about IEMs, Headphones, Speakers, DACs or AMPs. 
  • Ergonomics. Every device out there will have a certain ergonomic to itself. When looking into headphones, try to keep in mind whether they are foldable, whether you need them to be, or how comfortable they are. For DACs and AMPs and DAPs, the shape and button placement will dictate most of their ergonomics. 
  • Battery Life. While headphones and IEMs don't typically have a battery life to speak about, Bluetooth-enabled Headphones and IEMs will have a battery life. DACs, DAPs and AMPs also have a battery life that should be taken into account, and it would be best for any device you select to have at least 6-8 hours of battery life. 
  • Design / Aesthetics. Every device you purchase should look attractive to you, and even if this is not the most important aspect of your purchase, it is best to look for devices that you are comfortable with. 
  • Fast, Fluent Firmware. For DAPs, DACs and AMPs, it is quite important to have a fast and fluent firmware, especially if you're going to use the device for portable usage. 
  • Versatility. DACs, AMPs and DAPs need to be able to drive a wide range of IEMs and Headphones to be fit for your daily life and to be fit for a large number of customers. Same can be said about IEMs and Headphones, the less compatibility problems there are for a device, the better that device is in the long run. 
  • USB DAC function. For DAPs, DACs and AMPs, it is important to have an USB DAC function integrated. 
  • Connectors. It is important for a IEM to come with the proper connectros (2.5mm, 3.5mm, 3.3mm), and for a DAP to come with both HO, LO and Coaux connections to serve a wider range of purposes. 
  • File support. DAPs should support a large number of file types, most propeminent being AAC, MP3, FLAC and Wav.